katherine davis

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katherine davis

Katherine Davis is a conceptual artist and native Californian, living and working in South Florida.  She studied Fine Arts and Mathematics at UCLA (B.A.) and Yale School of Art (M.F.A).  Katherine applies fractal geometry, data collection, systematic translation and interdependent experience in mixed analogue and digital media as well as tech-based installation.  Her practice focuses on the disparity between artist and audience within perceptual spaces.  She raises inquiry without certain outcome and considers experience in real time.  Her work occupies the periphery of performance and interactivity, working to define the edges between dimensions with subtle suggestion.  

2015 MFA Yale University, New Haven
2012 BA University of California Los Angeles, Studio Art, Mathematics

Electron Configurations, UCLA, Los Angeles, 2011 Painting Maps, UCLA, Los Angeles, 2008

2,015 But Who’s Counting?, Yale Green Gallery, New Haven, 2015
Art Baja Tijuana, Steve Turner Contemporary, Tijuana, Mexico 2013
Here's your hat what's your hurry?, Wight Gallery, UCLA, Los Angeles, 2011
UCLA Scholarship Exhibition, Wight Gallery, UCLA, Los Angeles, 2010
UCLA Juried show, curated by Mark Allen, Wight Gallery, UCLA, Los Angeles, 2009


Lux, Projection Installation Exhibition. Beinecke Rare Books and Manuscripts Library, Yale University, 2015

Speaker, (TEMP)orary: Time and Temporality in Text Conference: Theoretical Inquiries into Narrative Time & Memory, University of Georgia, Athens, 2014

Speaker, Yale Symposium: Managing Biography, Negotiating Audience, Yale University, New Haven, 2014

Mirror Critique with Gabriel Orozco, Marian Goodman Gallery, New York, 2013 

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peering through a human-shaped hole