Photography:  Angye Bueno

Photography: Angye Bueno

Neil Ramsay, Founder & Director

Neil arrived in New York City from London as a teenager with a multi-year plan, to return home a young adult with his degree in architecture. He changed his mind. Fast-forward, today this Brit with a little silver in his hair and a bright youthful heart, makes his home in the South Florida community. A consummate learner, he almost relishes in the long untraveled roads. His studies and experiences are omnivorous. Never quite relinquishing the architect, he builds, but his medium seems to be people and communities (catalytic-collaborator), and his art now is weaving social-infrastructures. Art. Economics. Education is his three-legged stool. A long-time supporter of gender equality, and made the UN Women HeForShe pledge when the member count was in the mere thousands. He’s passionate about many things, fortunately, one is art.




lauren wiles, intern - multimedia specialist

Hi I'm Lauren. I was born and raised in Florida, but the thought of travel intrigues me. Photography has been an interest of mine since forever and with time it grows more and more. I like to capture pictures that make you wish you were there. The art of photography and film is an amazing thing. When not taking pictures I am at the beach, playing volleyball, or at a music festival somewhere. FAU Bachelors of Multimedia Studies 2019 




Lauren Lightbody, photo documentarian 2016 -2017 

FAU, BFA Photography 2017


Social Media | Writing | Documentarian | Administration | PR | Installation Tech