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sterling rook, featured in bonnet house museum, “impressions, THE new aesthetic”

My artistic practice attempts to bridge gaps in my culture and disparate family backgrounds. I achieve this using medium and form, usually combing fiber-craft or with sculpture.

For my work, of equal importance to any object created, is the process of gathering the source materials for the work. I mine the materials while driving around Miami's landscape. I drift in my car randomly yet purposively looking for detritus and bulk waste piles. Within the materials excavated from these sites of abandonment, I discover and create a narrative.

This narrative may vary, but it revolves around an effort to orient and articulate myself within genealogy, culture, and histories through process and investigation of craft forms.

While driving and drifting through city streets, I imagine and witness histories. In exploring craft techniques and by co-opting contemporary artistic gestures and elements of design combined with archaic and indigenous themes, I participate in these histories while documenting others. Sometimes, I weave new histories using objects that are tethered to over-lapping and sometimes conflicting imaginaries.

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Bakehouse Art Complex (BAC), Wynwood Miami

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Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)