Artist Statement: Dana Brown

Art, my art, what I want to say to the world. It’s visual communication, It’s experience. Different every time, but somehow connected. How can so many different ideas come from one individual. A life goal, to keep producing, to give everyone something that means something, and nothing. What is art?

What is space?

And perception of Space.

How are we formed mentally to perceive things as we do?

Why do we follow rules, how are the rules employed?

Why are the rules important?

What are they trying to preserve?

I have so many questions, my brain loves to play with problems, especially social, psychological problems with relation to space and behavior. I want to encourage people to interact with space, and each other. To challenge what we think we know, to encourage play, spontaneity, joy, wonder, discovery. How do we return to human in a society dictated by walls and rules. How do we play nicely while still expressing our full potential.

Is there a natural order? 

My art will come in many forms. It will be interactive, and experiential. Psychological.