voce dell'arte 

An alternative opera company, managed by Craig Gundry, is incubated in partnership with ArtsUP! Concepts. Opera-in-an-art-installation is pouring new life into what is arguably a staid and guarded art form. Voce Dell'arte is opera for the people and appeals to a younger demographic with a casual, accessible and modern sensibility. Educating goers by presenting well known opera arias with fresh formats, we aim to keep this beautiful art form relevant to a broader audience. Even opera aficionados will be delighted by these warehouse performances. Together we are democratizing high-culture. Bringing indie and experimental opera performance formats to the industrial creative enclave of Fort Lauderdale, known as FATVillage. Voce Dell'arte performances are available for private and public commissions.

Shanna Nolan Gundry, mezzo soprano

Shanna Nolan Gundry, mezzo soprano

Shanna nolan gundry

Shanna Nolan Gundry, American mezzo. Shanna is a New Jersey native. Trained at Westminster Choir College and FIU earning bachelors and masters in voice performance. Ms. Gundry possesses a 3 octave vocal range and is known for her expresive and physical performances. 

  • Florida Grand Opera
  • Palm Beach Opera
  • New York Philharmonic


Dynamic and dramatic opera arias depicting and exploring 4 basic female archetypes: the temptress, the mother, the wise woman, the innocent….which will depict a story primarily as a result of Shanna's performance and acting during each aria.

The event is unique in the fact that arias from both well-known and lesser known productions are being used to tell an original story to enhance the entertainment value for individuals who are new to Opera, but at the same time be appreciated and a change of pace for the Opera aficionado. The October 14th benefit (501c3 orgs ArtsUP! & Big Brothers Big Sisters) concert will be roughly an hour and half. This is broken into 4 segments with brief explanations of what takes place in the song.